It’s a month away folks. CampNaNoWriMo Summer 2016. And to make sure y’all are prepared for basically the craziest month of your summer, we will be sharing some blog posts here and there from now until July 1st to help you get ready to write the most kick-ass novel. Writing a novel is not easy, but once you have the bones down, the rest is just like filling a doughnut with jelly……I have no idea where that comparison came from, but it sorta works. Sorta.

When starting a novel, the first thing you need is an idea. Obviously. How do you get that idea? Listen to some music, find a prompt online or on our Facebook group and write down the simple story idea. I.E.(I’ll use my Summer CampNaNoWriMo 2016 idea that I storyboarded below) “Girl with the supernatural ability to control water realizes she is not to blame for her parents death, and must figure out who is”.

Okay, now you have your amazing idea and maybe at least your character’s physical appearance. Try and map out your story just a little bit more. What is your story’s main problem? Who is your antagonist? What is your story goal? Meaning, what should happen or not happen by the time we close your novel?

Now onto storyboarding. Storyboarding is like an outline, but with a bigger focus on imagery. We’ll get to outlining on the next preparation post. Pinterest is a great tool to storyboard digitally, and it’s great place to find pictures if you want to print them off like I did? I just really hate having a screen in front of me when I’m writing, so that’s why I do it tangibly. Look for images of how you picture your characters, what they wear, the time and setting you have placed them. For this project, Sharp Water, I set it in a fishing village on the Atlantic coast of Maine in 1952. Hence the clothing. Find pictures of your setting as well. And then lastly, find pictures that simply inspire you and your idea. For example, I might never write a scene with Imogene sitting in a bathtub, but I just like the picture and felt somehow it fit. Then find the names of your characters and setting and place those below the corresponding pictures.

Once you have completed your storyboard, it will be a lot easier to picture your characters and setting while they’re sitting right in front of you.

So there’s that! We would love for you to share your Pinterest storyboards for Summer CampNaNoWriMo2016 in the comments below! Here is mine!

On the next preparation post we’ll talk about outlining and figuring out your story goal and problem!



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